On behalf of our entire team and their families, I want to thank everyone that was involved
in making this weekend such an amazing experience for so many children and adults as well!!
I know that so much work went into making the tournament happen, and it was a huge success!!
All the volunteers, judges, referees, etc. couldn't have been friendly and helpful and the weekend
went very smoothly!!  The two day format is great, the facilities work well, there were great
workshops offered, a cafeteria that everyone loved, etc.  Everyone had fun, showed amazing
gracious professionalism, and really seemed to enjoy being able to learn from each other,
share with each other, make new friends, and be part of such a wonderful FLL family!! 

For our team it has been an unbelievable four year journey, one that the kids and adults
will always remember!!   They have had fun (tons of it), gotten inspired about Science and
Technology, learned what it means to really work as a team, and really become passionate
about educating and making a difference in their community.  All of this would not have been
possible without FLL and the MANY volunteers that make it all possible.  As others have said,
all the hard work and dedication from the many volunteers is making a difference in so many

We are truly honored to represent Virginia/DC at the World Festival in Atlanta and we want
to again say thanks to everyone!!

Sally Sylvester
Team 11
Green GLOOOCS (2008)
HomeWood CF-Als (2007)
NANO RATS (2006)
OTEC Lobsters (2005)
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