Could I suggest that an open meeting of coaches be held in Richmond, during the Saturday morning session of the FRC Tournament (around March 20) with an agenda and a chance for brainstorming or even just a chance to express perceived areas needing improvement with suggestions for such improvements. Also, the successes could be shared and everything can be viewed with an eye towards how everything meshes with the FIRST vision and FLL team creed. We have a huge wealth of experience in our coaches, judges and other volunteers and we have a wide variety of strengths among all of these volunteers. Maybe we could form sub-groups to bring some projects online. I know Brittany has said before that we have lots of ideas but ideas take people to bring them to life.


I'd also like to encourage everyone involved in FLL to make a trip to Worlds one year. They need volunteers or you can just go and be a spectator. Whatever you do, try to be there for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The speakers are terrific and the participants are amazing.


FLL, FTC and FRC are participant sports for the mind. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I appreciate the volunteers and we couldn't do it without the support of any of them and the team sponsors but all of us are volunteering so that these kids can be excited about science and technology. I do think that every child who participates and struggles to think harder, work better and make the best impression that they can will become a contributing citizen in their community and country and they will want to pass on the excitement and encouragement that we are offering them right now. I always pass on to my kids and teams, something I learned from a wonderful swim coach, "Attitude, Effort and Focus"--with these attributes you can be successful at whatever you choose and you can make it Fun!


I don't know what Brittany Rose and Ralph Grove think about this idea but I'd love to hear what they and all of the others who are integrally involved in making the Tournaments happen have to say. Maybe everyone can enjoy the break and then decide if this idea might fly.


Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas to all,

Ginny Echelberger





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