Hello FLL friends,

The Green GLOOOCS are preparing for the World Championship in Atlanta.

They have been busy working on the robot, working on getting legislation
passed in the Virginia General Assembly, and working on a display to 
all of the wonderful Virginia/DC teams.

We would love to have all the teams represented on our display.  So, we 
love if you could send us a team picture, a team button, any other 
small team items,
a postcard from your area, a little item representing your part of 
Virginia, etc.
If you want to send your picture via email, we will be happy to print 

We have gotten some team pictures, but we would love to hear from all 
of you!
We would love to also get team buttons or other small items.  We want 
display to really stand out!!

Looking forward to having the chance to represent all the great teams!! 

Thanks in advance for your support!!  The Green GLOOOC himself is even 

Sally Sylvester
Team 11 - Green GLOOOCS

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