Susan and I are leading an introductory Mindstorms NXT robotics workshop in
Washington, DC on Thursday, July 16th.  To clarify, this is not an FLL coaching workshop; this is a
beginning robotics workshop for adults and students who have not used Mindstorms robotics before.
The workshop is a 6-hr introduction to Mindstorms NXT robotics that uses
the FLL challenge field in a culminating "tournament" during the last 2.5 hrs
of the workshop.  The workshop focus is on kids, and an adult, learning
some robotics and having fun.   We are trying to "jump start" new FLL team
interest by introducing NXT robotics to the core people who could start new
teams -- a coach/mentor and two team members.  We'll give only
a brief FLL overview and point the adults to the FLL website and team
registration URLs.
Workshop location, registration, and more details are on the "other events" page of JMU's website:

If you know someone who is new to Mindstorms NXT robotics and may be interested in starting a new FLL team, please tell them about the workshop.    
Thank you,
Bill Duggins
Virginia Tech, Engineering Education & Mechanical Engineering
K-12 Robotics Outreach
114 Randolph Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0238
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