Phil Smith wrote:
> has 
>scoresheets, extracted mission text for easy reading, etc., 
>including links to TapPoint, which has Excel scoring spreadsheets.

The TapPoint scoring sheets are very handy. But I spotted one error 
in both the PDF and Excel versions. It's a subtle point but one that 
may cause confusion:

For the Multiple Passenger Safety Test (aka "four passengers") 
mission, FLL  says that the team-designed transport device must be 
"in the round target area" to score. However, the TapPoint 
scoresheets rewrite that to say that "the device is touching the 
round target spot." An object can be "in" the target area without 
touching the target area on the mat (see "in" versus "touching" in 
rules 30 & 31), so the transport device could be suspended over the 
target by whatever means and still score.

(I've sent this comment to the TapPoint folks with suggestion that 
they correct it.)


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