Hello FLL Teams,

I know that you are all busy working on the Smart Moves challenge, but

I want to give you the opportunity to have fun with FLL at the State Fair!!

We will be showcasing all FIRST programs, and are still looking for teams

to come and talk about FLL.? We understand that it is early in the season,

so don't worry about not being able to solve missions.? We are looking for

teams that can come and talk about FLL, the Smart Moves robot missions,

show your robot to date and talk about how much fun FLL is!!

In return for talking about FLL, we will give your team and mentors (up to 12)

general admission tickets to the fair (not good for rides).? We are asking

that teams take a four hour shift, but you can divide your team and have

half talk about FLL and the other half look around the fair and switch.

Also, your entire team doesn't have to be able to come - a few enthusiastic

students will work!!

Thursday, October 1st - Sunday, October 4th

10 am - 8 pm

Looking for teams to take a 4 hour shift

Please let me know if your team is interested in having fun at the fair

while sharing what fun FLL is!!

Many thanks,

Sally Sylvester

FIRST Senior Mentor Virginia

FLL Coach:


HomeWood CF-Als


OTEC Lobsters


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