1.       Anyone having trouble with the guide walls coming apart all the
time?  The Velcro raises them off the field mat just enough that when you
press down on the wall (or if the robot runs over it) the bricks can loosen
up or come apart.

2.       We noticed that the Bluetooth adapter (the official one sold by
Lego, blue "Abe" brand) isn't working on our Windows XP system ever since we
upgraded the NXT firmware and/or installed the new Mindstorms software.
Bluetooth works fine on our Vista system, and on a Macintosh we've used, but
not on our XP system.  It worked fine last year with the same computer, NXT
and Bluetooth dongle.  We've started over and reinstalled drivers,
reassociated the NXT using the Bluetooth system setup, etc .  Anyone else
run into this?




-          Glenn


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