Dear NoVA FLLers:
I sent an email to Mr. Desh, Brittany and Andrew Rose shown below this morning. I should have waited for their response first. Then I have a second thought - I'd like to know how many coaches / mentors would consider coming. So if you are still looking for a coaches' workshop / info exchange session, take a look the following proposed session. If you plan to come, send me an email so we can have an idea what scope of the meeting will be. If no one will respond, I'll call the library to cancel the reservation L



Can we have a coaches' session in Fairfax?


Hi, Mr. Desh, Brittany and Andrew:


I have just checked coaches' workshop web page and didn't find a workshop in NoVA area.


I'd love to take primary responsibility AND team up with some experienced FLLers (high school students are welcome!) to offer an "unofficial coaches' session" in NoVA area. The primary purpose of the gathering is exchange the coaching / mentoring ideas and exchange info of the FLL.


The main subjects could be -


1 - Understand the rules of the game and the game strategies

2 - The principle of the FLL robot building with the execution of the game

3 - The principle of NXT programming for the FLL game

4 - How to coach the kids to maximize the FLL experience and excitement


Date and facility for the event -


I have checked the City of Fairfax Regional Library and have reserved a meeting room with capacity of 30+ on Wednesday Sept 8 from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm. The location of the library -


I need Mr. Desh's help to provide a table and field kit of FLL 2009 (I have given our table to a team in summer) for the event. If Mr. Desh can host the event it will be a huge plus!


Please give a call (703) 864-9255 if you are okay with the plan.


Thank you.




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