Dear Coaches and Mentors who are interested in this event -
I want to let you know it's okay coming late or leaving early. Consder I am runing a semi-lecture and semi-infobooth :-)
If you arrives at the library after 8:00 pm (the time the library's main hall is closed), send an email to me during the day. You have to park your car nearby, and then call me at (703) 864-9255, I'll open the door for you.
Please make your effort to come if you are interested in. You will get lots of info and can take them with you when the meeting ends.
Dear VADCFLLers:

I’ll entertain an "coaches' info session" in City of Fairfax Regional Library on Wednesday Sept 9 from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm. a meeting room has been reserved with capacity of 30+. Please check the library’s webpage for the location of the library -

The primary purpose of the gathering is to exchange the coaching / mentoring ideas and exhange info of the FLL robot game. It is a session for coaches and mentors though I don’t mind the attendance of team members.

I strongly recommend you to bring cemeras or even camcoders to the meeting. It is a public event. A few Lego robots for FLL games and large stack of attachments and straitegic pieces will be displayed and YOU CAN TOUCH THEM and PICTURE THEM.

I also strongly recommend you to bring a laptop or at least a high capacity jumpdrive. If you are interested in getting the videos and files demonstrated in the meeting, you can have a copy.

The main subjects are -

1 - Understand the rules of the game and extract the message from the rules.

2 – The game plans and the game strategies.
3 - The principle of the FLL robot building with the execution of the game.
4 - The principle of NXT programming for the FLL game.
5 - How to coach the kids to maximize the FLL experience and excitement.

I'll act as the host of the meeting but attendees are welcome to chime in at any time to ask a question or to share his/her experience with the others - it is a totally free forum and I wish everyone will be getting what they are looking for when the meeting finishes. Provided that the attendees want another session or will even be interested in a fan club type regular meetings (once a month during the season?), I'll be honored to do it again.

Jin Ye

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