Hi All,

I'm a very new coach, who just set up the table this afternoon, and I have some questions.

Crash Test Ramp - If I set the "hinged fence-like structure vertical", it prevents the feet on that end from touching the mat.  Is is supposed to be like that, or did we put something together wrong?

Access Markers - I don't understand the instruction, "Be sure to place their oval feature over their mark on the mat."  If the cup that the ball sets on is the "front" the two pictured in the set up directions have the "front" facing out onto the mat.  Do the other two face the border wall?

Guide Walls - These seem to be a bit long for the space marked on the mat.  This is an issue for the warning beacon or loop that is just at the end of a guide wall.  Which is more important - to get the short side of the guide wall on it's place on the mat, or to have the warning beacon or loop in its exact spot?

Loops - the ones which don't have a specific place marked - the directions say, "Stand the other gray loop centered on the southwest axle of the south guide wall.  Stand the red loop centered on the east-most axle of the south guide wall."  Are the axles the vertical black rods sticking up from the guide wall?  I'm sure it's vague on purpose to have variability, but the picture, taken at an oblique angle, isn't much help.  If the red loop is supposed to be at the end of the squished arrows on the mat, as the picture seems to indicate, it is not lined up with any vertical rod.

Interpretation help welcome!

Linda Bangert
Coach for Poquoson Middle School

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