At 12:15 AM -0400 10/10/09, Deborah A. Gribben wrote:
>Are we the only team who can't figure out a way to get over the rolling bars?

Your team might benefit from a brainstorming session. Reflecting on 
the season's Transportation theme, you could encourage them to step 
away from the table and the robot and have a discussion about how 
various vehicles deal with impediments in the real world. Cars and 
bikes are somewhat versatile at driving over stuff, and construction 
equipment, military vehicles, off-road vehicles and some others are 
designed with that in mind. You could have them brainstorm about what 
sorts of barriers real-world vehicles drive up/down/over, and what 
strategies their makers and/or drivers use to do so. Perhaps such 
free thinking will lead them to a new way of approaching the robot 
design, drive train, attachments or the driving path, that will 
defeat that pesky obstacle.


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