We have run into an issue that baffles me completely.  

To get the loops on the Northwest walls, we have a line follower program (the simple one that used to come with the sample programs) that the robot uses to follow the blackline from the base to the loops.  After picking up the loops, it activates the trunk release lever and then turns around.

After turning (to go forward), it uses the line follower program again to get back into the base.  However, in this case, the robot moves exxxttrrreeemely slowwwwwww.  I cannot figure out why it takes that long.

I timed the entire sequence.  It takes about 20 seconds to get to the loops, another 20 seconds to pick up the loops and activate the truck release.  Then, it takes another 100 seconds to get back to the base.

We are using a light sensor and robot with treads (two motors).

Any insights that you can provide will be helpful. 

DISCLAIMER: We have made changes to the program so that we do not use the line follower on our way back; Any information you provide here will not be used at the tournament.


2009 RobotMasters (Team 3525)
2008 The Robot Chickens
2007 The Unknown Team


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