Suresh Subramaniam wrote:
> The RoboticRiders (Team 2561) would like to thank Dave Shotwell and his
> outstanding team of volunteers for organizing yet another great tournament.
> This was our third year at the Stafford regionals, and they've made this an
> event that we look forward to every year.
I second the motion.

This was my ?5th? year at the Stafford Regional.   It seems to be improved
every year.   Having 4 scoring rounds was a huge win for the teams
(and congratulations to all the teams that had great runs in the later
rounds).  Having 10 minute judging sessions gives the boys the opportunity
to  fairly  represent  their work.

Thanks Dave !

---George Jones (BotBrains 2004-2008, DynaBots 2009)

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