http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/fll/gameqa1.aspx#27 - SOME ALLOWABLE STRATEGIES
With tournaments starting soon, it is time for me to share with all teams and referees, confirmation that the following stuff is allowed and/or scorable (there are no new interpretations here - all this comes from a solid knowledge of the missions and rules):
---The robot itself can count as a "transport device of your own design."
---Sensor walls can count as upright anywhere, including Base, and off the edges of the mat.
---Warning beacons in Base can be stood up by hand any time and count as upright there.
---Sitting/standing could be with respect to the vehicle OR the hoizon.  Either is okay.
---A robot penetrating Base from the north should be treated no differently than one arriving from the east.  As soon as it reaches, it can be picked up and taken into Base along with its cargo (if the robot and its attachments otherwise live up to the provisions in QA10 - all features, including the SIZE/LENGTH of the robot need to have an actual function other than being long and reaching Base).
Scott Evans
No comments - :))  
But, please check Q&A often even if you tournamnet will be at this weekend!


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