A urgent message from "Tibet Mountain Lion", the captain of the supply caravan, Yangtze River Origin 2009 Expedition Team – Hello Mr. Ye: please forward my message to VA/DC First Lego League Community 
Dear VA/DC First Lego League Community:
I am the captain of the supply caravan, Yangtze River Origin 2009 Expedition Team, co-funded by China Science Academy and United States National Geographic Society. 
Last year, we had a historical Yangtze River origin expedition to scientifically determine what rivers are the origins of the Yangtze River, whivh is the third longest river in the world.  You can read the related news on Chinese Science Academy’s website – http://english.cas.cn/Ne/CN/200909/t20090923_43034.shtml
This year a new team went back to the place to get more data. This time the team consists of Chinese and American Scientists, and they are camping out at the site and they will stay till the middle of the November or before the first major snow storm comes.
My caravan including four 5-ton all-wheel-drive trucks is on the way to bring the critical supply to the team (equipment, additional tents, cloth and food). Now we are about 2 days away from the most difficult section of the route – the caravan has to pass a several semi-dry river beds. The biggest problem that we will encounter is that the tires of a truck sometimes will be stuck in the sand and cannot get out by its own power.  If we cannot find a way to help the truck to get out, the entire truck will sink into the sand in about 8 hours because the sand actually moves!
We need a solution really quick! An American scientist on the expedition team is from Virginia / Washington DC area and he said he was a coach of a First Lego League Team! And he thought you guys can help me because you guys have been working Smart Move challenge! 
So here I’m sending this urgent message to you asking for help. I have total four trucks and when one of them is in trouble the rest three may be able to help it to get out. But how it can be done? Can you guys give me some suggestions? 
It will be really appreciated if you guys can let me know with 36 hours what you think how it can be done. So that Mr. Ye can relay the suggestions back to us.
Thank you all very much and good luck to you for your FLL 2009 Challenge Smart Move Expedition!

 "Tibet Mountain Lion", the captain of the supply caravan, Yangtze River Origin 2009 Expedition Team
(The massage is a fiction but the problem is real)


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