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I tried to send notification about the championship email list now being active to this group on Tuesday, but for some reason it looks like it didn't go through (if you've already received something from me about this you can disregard this message, it does not include anything new).  Below is the first message sent to the coaches of championship qualifying teams and alternates.  I have not included the original attachments because the team listing was already sent to this list and the lodging details can be found at

All announcements about the championship tournament will be sent to the new list and I request that any communications between teams about the championship happen there as well.  By limiting discussions about the championship tournament to that list we not only make sure that all of the championship qualifying and alternate teams see it, but we will make sure that the more than 500 members of this list - many of whom are not associated with a championship team - don't get irrelevant email in their inboxes.

Anyone who would like to add themselves to this list is welcome to do so.  Simply go to and select the option to join or leave the list.


Brittany Rose
Virginia/DC FIRST LEGO League

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Subject: INFO & ACTION REQUIRED re: VA/DC FLL Championship Tournament
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Date: Tue, November 17, 2009 3:18 pm
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Dear coaches and team managers,


You are receiving this email because your team has either qualified to advance to the VA/DC FLL Championship Tournament or is an alternate.  Congratulations to you and your team for all of your hard work!  Your championship organizers have also been hard at work preparing for the big event and I have a lot of information to share with you.  Please take the time to review this email, especially the first section about the action required from all coaches.


The topics covered in this email are:

·   Action required from coaches

·   Basic schedule/tournament info

·   Tournament cost

·   Accommodations in Harrisonburg

·   Student workshops

·   What to expect if you are an alternate

·   What if some team members can’t participate both days?

·   Info for teams with members taking the TJ entrance exam

·   How to add others to this championship email list


** Action required from coaches:


Please RSVP by emailing me off the list no later than noon on Tuesday, November 24th to let me know if your team will attend the championship.  Not only will we need that information for the schedule, I would like to notify the alternate teams in a timely manner as to whether or not there will be space to accommodate them so that they can plan accordingly.  If you are not sure if your team qualified to advance or is an alternate, you can confirm by checking the attached list of teams.  Please note that the qualifying teams from Reston and Norfolk have not yet been added to this list.


** Basic Schedule/Tournament Information:


We will have nearly 100 teams participating in the championship tournament and it will be an event jam packed full of fun and excitement.  Due in large part to the number of teams participating, the championship tournament will take place over the course of two days – Saturday, December 5 and Sunday, December 6 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  There will be an optional team social on Friday night followed by a parade through Harrisonburg in which VA/DC FLL has been invited to participate. 


We will start around 8am on Saturday morning for registration (a finalized schedule will be distributed in the coming weeks) and end by about 4pm.  Division I teams will have their project presentation and teamwork judging in the morning while division II teams participate in some exciting workshops on campus.  After lunch we will switch and division II teams will complete their judged events while division I teams participate in workshops.


On Sunday we will start the day at approximately 7:30am and closing ceremonies will wrap up by about 4:30pm.  All teams will participate in the robot rounds and robot design judging on Sunday.


** Tournament Cost:


The registration fee for the tournament is $100.  Checks made out to VA/DC FLL (preferred payment method), cash, or purchase orders from a Virginia or DC school will be accepted.



** Accommodations:


As we have in previous years, VA/DC FLL has partnered with a number of hotels in Harrisonburg to secure reduced rates for teams and their families over the weekend of the championship tournament.  That listing is attached and will be posted on the website as well.


** Student Workshops:


Registration for student workshops will take place online this year.  Due largely to space constraints, workshops are open to only to team members from teams participating in the tournament.  Once details regarding the timeframe for registration are finalized, teams will be notified via this list.


** What if we are an alternate team?


In past years we have had 2-3 teams who qualify for the championship tournament but are unable to attend.  If and when I receive notification that a team cannot participate, I will immediately contact an alternate team to see if they are able to attend in their stead.  I will notify all alternate teams by November 25th to let them know if there is an opening or confirm that no more alternates will be asked to attend.  With more than 30 alternates from across the state, most will not get the chance to participate this year but we will take as many teams as we can.


** What if some team members are not available on both days?


We understand that some team members may have conflicts on one day or the other.  So long as it is okay with you as the coach and your other team members, it is perfectly acceptable for the team members with conflicts to participate on one day but not the other.


** What to do if you have team members taking the TJ entrance exam:


As has been communicated previously, the Director of Admissions at TJ has graciously agreed to allow students on teams participating in the tournament to participate in an alternate testing scenario.  Students will take the first part of the test on Saturday, December 5th and then will be released to travel to Harrisonburg for the championship.  If they pass the first part of testing, then they will have the opportunity to take the rest of the test on a different date.


If there are any members of your team who will be taking the TJ entrance exam please send me an email off the list with their names.  Their parents will also have to submit a Request for an Alternate Test Date to the TJ Admissions Office (the form can be found at  The TJ admissions staff will approve the request for the alternate testing schedule based upon the list we send of students participating in the championship, so please be sure that both pieces – the form and emailing names to me – are done.


** How can parents and others get added to this championship email list?


Anyone who would like to add themselves to this list is welcome to do so.  Simply go to and select the option to join or leave the list.


I know that this is a lot of information and that many of you may have additional questions.  More details will be sent to this list and posted online as they become available.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing many of your teams in action next in Harrisonburg!




Brittany Rose
Virginia/DC FIRST LEGO League

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