I have a NXT-G programming problem that I cannot figure out. I decide to post the problem.
I connected the three NXT block output ports A/B/C with three motors respectively. What I have done is –
1 - Use a MOVE block to control Motor A and C; put motor B on a MOTOR block, and running the two blocks simultaneously. The purpose of doing so is while all three motors are running at the same time, I can have the option to set the power level on A and C differently from B’s. I successfully programmed that using “branch-out” sequence beam as Charlie described in an early email.
2 – I know when I want B to stop: after 16 rotations. I want A and C to stop when B stops. The duration values (time, degree or rotation) on MOVE block for A and C cannot provide an satisfactory result.
Here is my challenge: I wonder the data wire may give me what I need, but I don’t know much about it. I have read the online help and I’m still clueless - all wiring I tried got grayed out :-((
Any suggestions are really appreciated!


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