An extremely important tip for the robot configuration
Based on the communications that I had with  a numerous teams recently, many teams are struggling with the issue as the following senanior describes -
How to build a 2 wheel (active) drive NXT robot (using wheel & tires, not treads) that can turn at ease? Assuming that you have designed your robot's "3rd-wheel-support" collectly (such as pivot wheel or least frictional sled surface, etc.), your robot is still dificult with the turns so the turns are not consistent.
Now, the next core fact you should look into is - "the center of the gravity of the entire robot system", I meant including the attachments and mission models and whatever the robot carries at the given momnet.
Hete is the tip - the gravity center of the robot is better to near "the middle point of the line segment from the left driving motor to the right driving motor".
You do the rest of the work with your team :))


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