On Nov 3, 2009, at 4:09 PM, Configurators wrote:

We found multiple times that inserting time delays between functional blocks will eliminate ‘skipping’ or unexpected behavior.  Time delay will allow motion to settle and inertia to dissipate allowing sensors to start from a stable platform. 


Time is of the essence so delay does not need to be great – sometimes fraction of a second is enough.


It was by inserting time delays between functional blocks that I realized that my kids' programming wasn't at fault and that it was the Lego system that was at fault.  I'd insert the time delay blocks, download the program and not see any time delays. 

it's very, very frustrating.  The Lego rep I spoke to admitted that their system does not work well with Macs.  How can they sell something as being cross platform when it truly isn't?    


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