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From: Sayyid M. Syeed [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Thursday, July 15, 2010 3:22 PM
To: Mohammed Elsanousi
Subject: Muslim Educator Job Opening


Education: Bachelor (BA, BS, etc.)
Location: Redwood City, California, 94063, United States
Posted by: Abraham's Vision

Job Category: Education & Training
Sector: Nonprofit
Language(s): English
Job posted on: July 9, 2010
Area of Focus: Children and Youth, Education and Academia, Peace, War, and Conflict Resolution, Politics, Race and Ethnicity

Type: Part time
Salary: Based on experience
Last day to apply: September 1, 2010
Last updated: July 14, 2010


General Location: San Francisco Bay Area.

Specific Location: One position for East Bay program and second position for city of San Francisco program.

Time period: August 2010 through June 2011.

Program Description: The Unity Program is a course designed to educate high school students about Muslim-Jewish relations, Islam, and Judaism while strengthening the relationships students have to their own communities and cultural/ethnic/religious traditions. We examine issues within North American Jewish and Muslim communities, the historical relationship between Muslims and Jews, and the relationship between Judaism and Islam. Each of these components deepens students' understandings of their individual and group identities in the contemporary world as well as the textual, ideological, and historical relationship between and within each community.

The four main components of the UP:
(1) Teacher-led classes.
(2) Presentations by Muslim and Jewish guest speakers.
(3) Inter-school field trips.
(4) Inter-school meetings.

Key Responsibilities (for a single region):
1. Teaching:
• Teach two to three class hrs/wk individually or with co-educator using the Abraham's Vision Unity Program curriculum.
• Develop and grade homework assignments.
• Select essays/ written work from students and post these writings, along with photos, to the course weblog once/wk.
• Escort students on two-three field trips/semester to various San Francisco Bay Area sites and events that are pertinent to the course (e.g., mosques, synagogues, etc.).
• Escort students to and from inter-school meetings, four per school yr.

2. Planning and Coordinating:
• Coordinate with Unity Co-Educator each week to plan that week's lessons.
• Document weekly lesson plans and submit weekly time sheets.
• Plan lessons based on the Unity Program curriculum.
• Co-plan and co-coordinate inter-school meetings with the students from both schools along with the Co-Educator.
• Co-coordinate Guest Speaker Series, which entails corresponding with potential speakers to determine topics and arranging times, min. of once/mth (a list of potential speakers will be provided).
• Co-coordinate field trips to sites pertinent to the course (sites will be chosen over summer 2010).

3. Meetings:
• Meet with Co-Educator as needed.
• Meet with organizational administration a minimum of once/mth or as needed.
• Meet with in-school staff at both schools as needed.

4. Unity Programs Orientation:
• Participate in a three-day orientation with all UP Co-Educators in mid August (in SF Bay Area).

5. Program Evaluation:
• Co-write and distribute course evaluations to students and other relevant in-school staff three times per/yr.
• Report evaluation findings to appropriate Abraham's Vision supervisors.
• Recommend changes to enhance the program at year’s end.

Additional Qualifications:

• San Francisco Bay Area specific (one position for East Bay program and second position for city of San Francisco program).
• Experience living, studying, and/or working in the Muslim community.
• Knowledge of political, economic, social, and religious dynamics of the Muslim community.
• Experience teaching high school students.
• Master's Degree preferred.
• Academic coursework in Islam.
• Able to commute back and forth between different schools (having own car to drive is ideal).
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Creative, self-motivated, and well-organized.
• Work well both independently and collaboratively on major and minor projects with others.
• Commitment to working on social justice and human rights issues.
• Commitment to working in 'co-teacher' model.
• Commitment to working across boundaries of race, class, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities; as well as challenging power dynamics related to these identities.
• Demonstrates an ability to work and communicate with diverse staff.
• Familiarity with the Internet, and ability to use electronic communications.
• Knowledge of Arabic, Farsi, and/or Urdu preferred.

How to Apply:

Email cover letter and CV with the subject heading "Unity Program Co-Educator (Muslim School Liaison) - San Francisco Bay Area Search" to [log in to unmask].

Review of materials and scheduling of interviews will begin immediately.

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