Dear Community Members:

Assalama Alekum:


Eid will (most likely) be celebrated on Friday, September 10, 2010. 


Eid Prayers (at Islamic Center of Shenandoah Valley):  9:30 AM

(Please arrive early to find parking at the center. Overflow parking will be
at Lowes parking lot on Linda Lane Ave). (For directions to the center,
please visit


Community breakfast after the Eid prayers:


(Please bring breakfast foods, juices and soft drinks to share with rest of
the community. Please deliver your foods at the mosque the night before Eid
or prior to Eid prayers).

(JMU/EMU students are invited to the breakfast as community guests).


Recommended Fitr (Fitrana) is $8-$10 per person. If you want the IASV to
collect your Fitr (Fitrana), please place your money or check in an envelope
and write "for Fitr (Fitrana)" and your name outside the envelope. You may
place the envelope in the locked box in the lobby. Must be delivered before
Eid prayers.