I like the constuctopedia for NXT.  It has examples for strong construction and different ways to attach motors to the NXT brick.  It is good for getting the kids to think about building techniques.  It is available in pdf on the internet.


Donna Cornwell
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On 10/17/2010 2:01 PM, Brandy bergenstock wrote:
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The red blood cells count in base.  Only the white blood cells get taken to the brain- for extra points.
    Hey, I have a question, for next year's team.  Does anyone know of any good books on building robot designs? My team had a construction and just THIS week they discovered it wasn't going to work and now must redo all the programs that had worked with the last robot base. :(  It's all for good- they voted and decided to redo the design because getting across the field was impossible with their last design.  I spent zero time on robot design and I feel a winsy bit responsible for not giving them good information to build on.
  I just purchased the Lego mindstrom NXT idea Book- design invent and build.  but Also wanted to know your thoughts on other good books.

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