the Body Forward rules are pretty firm on these questions:

23 - ROBOT ACTIONS STAND - Anything done to your field by the active ROBOT outside Base STAYS that way, unless the active ROBOT changes it.
Objects outside Base are not repaired, reset, recovered, or moved out of the way by hand.
This means the robot can ruin its own opportunity to accomplish tasks, and it can even spoil previous progress/results
If your active robot (untouched by you) loses contact with cargo, the cargo stays where it comes to rest unless/until the active robot regains contact with it. It may not be recovered by hand. Anything that comes off the table is kept by the ref.
Exception: Parts not designed to separate from the robot, but which separate due to obviously accidental DAMAGE may be recovered by YOU, by hand, at any time even if they have cargo (gift: you keep any cargo in question).

So the answers are no, the referee may not reset a model during the match, and no, there are no stray objects this year, and anything that the robot places on the field stays where it is.  (Note the exception about obviously accidental damage that breaks off an attachment).

Yes, the team and robot have to deal with these type of situations during the match--but the robot might be able to undo some of the things it does.  For example, it might be able to reset the leg so that the bridge can be inserted and the goal kicked.  Most types of resetting are more complicated than an FLL team is likely to be able to do, but realigning the leg might be quite possible, if it happens enough in practice to make the team aware of the issue.


On Oct 18, 2010, at 11:24 PM, Jeff Schatz wrote:

I would like to confirm my assumptions regarding two situations
1.      Robot leaves base disrupts and model such that it can no longer be used to score.  Specifically, on the patent mission, it hits the bone bridge leg such that it can no longer be used to kick the ball into the goal.  Have we lost the opportunity to score or can we request the referee to put it back in place since we bumped it accidentally?  (assume were out of luck and lose the points)
2.     If we leave an attachment behind (in this case on purpose) but leave it in the wrong place due to robot inconsistency. If the attachment is now in the way of our future missions, can we (A. )Ask for it to be removed as a stray object (assume the answer is no, were out of luck and must deal with it) (B.) Remove it ourselves and take a touch penalty (assume the answer is yes, we can do this)
Im sure the rules cover these items but its not always easy to feel 100% positive in my interpretation, so I want to be check so I dont steer the team wrong.
Many thanks,  
Jeff Schatz
Head Coach
Cougar Spirit

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