I am the one with the kid on my team who had a super sci-fi idea- we found enough issues that it just isn't going to be possible. Our team is interested in pursuing a problem- the initial info was given by a biomedical engineer at VCU who came to speak to the kids- problem is people die or get very sick in hospitals due to a secondary infection from staff non-compliance in hand- washing (seems small, but causes death and illness). Kids have researched the impact of this already.  System: immune, problem people get seriously ill and die unnecessarily. Some devices are in the works- if our kids came up with a "unique" ability to warn staff they have not washed their hands (the assumption being health care professionals by profession don't want to hurt patients by not washing their hands- they just get busy and forget.... one of our team members was concerned that this would not actually be considered bio- medical engineering- although a bio medical engineer expressed it as one of the more important issues in the field.  Does anyone have any clue if this would not be considered bio-med engineering for any reason? or is their a higher authority source we could check in with so we don't waste time.  laura Dysart:)
On Oct 6, 2010, at 7:39 PM, Tom Bove wrote:

The coaches handbook had a judge’s scoring/evaluation criteria chart.  Is there a copy on-line?
Thank you.

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