I subscribe to the Robotics Academy Newsletter by Carnegie Mellon.  The October Issue contains a link to some great FLL resources.  Check out the videos!!!   I love these!   http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/fire/competitions/fll/
It looks like at first glance that you can use their NXT Video Trainer Online!!  This is a GREAT way to learn how to program NXTG.  It sells for around $260.  It looks like a lot of it is accessible online.  Check out the Behaviors part (Move Until...) Here's a link.   http://www.cmuroboticsacademy.com/solt/lessons/nvt2.0/content/
This FIRE Website looks like it has some great material (access by first link above).  Check it out!!  Smile emoticon
Cari Norton
FLL Team 12

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