The kids' robot acted so much different at the tournament then on the test map we have to train on.  Our mat is kinda dusty and while on leveled, was not 100% flat which is the only two factors I can think of that would make it act differently. My question is what else can cause a robot to act much faster?   Battery power was not an issue.  If anything, it had less power on the day of the tournament then it had the day before when we ran it to test.  One of our kids joked that it got too excited, which is funny, but clearly not the issue :) I also wonder if the 4 degrees or so our table is off was the reason.  We leveled the table we used and it didn't seem to affect it.
    Oh, and apologies to the creators of the brick and motors.  The team discovered it was the design that lead to the greater amount of inconsistencies in their run :)
  Any thoughts on the too fast robot issue would be helpful.

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