These are all good questions.  You may want to do some tweaking....

1)  As a referee, the one thing that consistently annoys me each year is the hair on the minifigs.  No, we aren't going to disqualify a figure if the hair pops off.  But putting it down gently ( or letting it hang in the air) is nicer than slamming it to the table.

2)  If one of the blue or white medicines is on the dispenser at the end of the match, then the team will not get the 25 points for correctly auto-dispensing.
No, the team may not bump the table to make one medicine square fall off (or any other effect on the field).  If that happens, then the referee will replace the object (Rule 18, bullet 3:  non-robot accidents), and warn the team not to do it again.

3)  If the robot pulls a mission model off its dual-lock from the mat, early in the day, then the team will get benefit of the doubt and the mission will be scored based on the condition of the field at the end of the match.  If the robot is rescued while connected to a mission model that came detached from its dual-lock, then the mission model will be removed from the field (rule 22) and cannot be counted as complete.  If the robot consistently pulls a mission model off its dual-lock from the mat, then by the end of the day, the team will not score points for that mission.  This is a robot defect that should be corrected.  (Rule 13, the dual lock is considered part of the mission model, and intentional separation is not permitted.)

4)  Nothing may be removed from the field, except as a penalty for a robot touch (Rule 22), or for temporary storage (moving from Base to the storage box, Rule 19).  Neither the referee nor the team may clear obstructions (Rule 23, bullet 1).  Only the robot may move objects that are outside of Base.

Steve Scherr
VA/DC Referee Advisor

On Nov 3, 2010, at 9:56 PM, Mandy Wilson wrote:

A few issues have come up consistently while running missions and we are wondering if we need to tweak.
When the doctor is placed down rather roughly, sometimes she loses her hair even when its placed tightly.  Does this mean the mission fails since it states she must have nice hair?
In the pill box mission if the entire first row goes in but only 2 of the 3 of the 2nd row, does this fail with the 3rd one teetering on the edge?  Can the team bump the table so it falls in?
If you complete the mission specifically the reflex mission with the tire but then your robot scraps the thing off its 3m stickers and drags it a few inches still upright with the tire still stuck in the air, does it still complete the mission?
If you know you are purposefully skipping a mission and it is in your way, can you pull it off the table before the match begins or do you have to have your robot move it out of your way?
Thanks for any help!

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