Yeah, what Lloyd said. I think that what they’re likely worried about is that a shape messes with the design – that it gets overlaid on a team logo or something.


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Personally, and yes I realize they sent out the email with the copyright info, etc, I think this is one area where FIRST is out-of-bounds.  Legally, yes they do have a copyright and want to control how the logo is used, however, we are talking about teams of young kids that pay big bucks to participate, generally hold FIRST in very high regard, are the best advertising FIRST could ever wish to have, and are not trying to use the logo to make money. 


That having been said, I'd say (disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on tv), do what you need to do to get the logo on the sleeve of your team's shirt.  If FIRST wants to come down to Va and cutoff the sleaves and/or confiscate the shirts, so be it.



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I am trying to add an FLL and/or Boday Forward logo to the sleeve of our team's shirt, but am having difficulty with the design standards.  They say that you can't put them in a shape or add a border, but to print them onto a dark shirt, I need to print them onto a white background first.  When I trim that bachground, they will technically be in a shape. Is that a violation?  Can I use the poster image instead? ( It is already has a dark background, and I could use that as-is.

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