I was working with my group today, and we encountered a problem each time we tried to cascade three touch sensors.  We created a switch block that essentially said- If 2 isn't pressed, then check 1 (a switch that told the NXT), if 1 isn't pressed, then check 3, which said if not pressed do nothing.  if pressed make motor A run. 
  I was able to run all three as simple parallel bars, but three parallel switches didn't work at all.
In fact any parallel programming where a switch ran on one of the lines caused the other sensors to not be active at all.  ?
   So this was our problem.  Can anyone tell me how to run 3 motors on different touch sensors that allows for a variety of options-
 touch 1- go forward (cb)
touch 2- go back (cb)
touch 1 and 2- turn left (b stop, c move)
Touch 3 move - A (.5 rotation)
I was able to run the program above if I eliminated the 3rd touch sensor.
Thanks in advance,

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