Dear Coaches,
First I must apologize to these coaches of the 2009 teams that kindly allowed me to film a video clip on the teams for this over-a-year loooooong delay.
The original video footage is in MTS HD format and I couldn't even find an easy inexpensive tool to process them 1 year ago. Now I think I have a simple plan and video converting/editing tools to put the video together efficiently in decent quality, and I'll be able to put everything on one DVD media.
However, I may not be able to identify every teams by viewing the video (some teams I remember, while some teams I don't). So, to the coaches or parents of the teams listed below - please reply me an email with your team #/names and a current mailing address. When the "firs cut" of the video is made, if I am not sure what team on a particular footage, I'll take a snapshoot of the video and send to the teams on this list only so the team can be identified and the privacy will be protected at accepted level. Once I have identified every teams, I'll title each video clip with the team name, and I'll mail each video clip to respective team coaches/parents for review, and to get your approval for allowing me to release the entire DVD to VADCFLL comunity in the same way I did on 2006 DVD.
Thank you a million!!!

Jin Ye
Under Public Diplomacy Assesment Program
US State Department
(703) 864-9255 (M)
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From: Jin Ye <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: The teams that I filmed for the video project
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Date: Saturday, December 12, 2009, 1:45 AM

I felt very lucky that I had opportunities to work with the following teams on Sunday. Thank you so much! I have played back some teams' video on HD TV since it is HD video, it is awesome! and it is so joyful! I'll make "scale-down" copies of the video for each team and email them to respective coaches for review.
Team # Team Name Div Show on video Time
5802 Nysmith Xtra Terrestrials  I robot game on pit table 9:20
5136 Nosco Mechanicus II LDD 10:25
4414 TechnoKnights II Intro to team, robot 11:00
2755 Cyber Cyclones II project 11:20
2566 GoBots I Robot Game on round 1 11:30
1895 CAMS Robo Patriots I Robot Game on round 1 11:30
8009 Eye of the Tiger I Song 12:40
6063 Henderson Robotics Team I Chant 12:50
5312  TransTurtles I Robot Game on round 2 13:00
1797  Hawkeyes I Robot Game on round 2 13:00
2566 GoBots I Robot Game on round 2 13:05
1055 Sea Monsters I Robot Game on round 2 13:05
3546 Super Nanobot Extremes I Robot Game on round 2 13:15
9528  LegoCraze I Robot Game on round 2 13:15
4154 NXT Squad I Robot Game on round 2 13:25
329 Mission Demolition I Intro to robot, badge 13:35
2414 Technical Pantherbots Intro to robot 13:50
2006 Stingers I Intro to robot, song 14:05
5711 Lightning LEGO League I kung fu and song 14:15
2041 Mini Cougar Bots I Acrobat 14:25
4768 9steins II Interview 14:30
5136 Nosco Mechanicus II research display 14:40
3529 Smart-E II Robot Game on round 3 14:45
2755 Cyber Cyclones II Robot Game on round 3 14:45
5136 Nosco Mechanicus II Robot Design 15:05
1719 Cosmic Cubs I Chant 15:20
2543 Spirit I Song 15:25

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