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Date: 2011/5/29
Subject: DC trip
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 Salaam Br. Ehsan

We still have some seats available on the DC trip.  Please email the
announcement to the community and student list servs. Would it be OK to
display a couple of flyers at the Majsid? Thanks
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 *Abdelrahman *  MR
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*“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution
inevitable”.  JFK***

*Field Trip to Washington DC *

* *

*Saturday June 4th, 2011*

* *

*Community Members Fees $30.00 *

* *

*Last day for payment is Friday June 3rd*

* *

* *

7:30 am           Meet at the Majisd

7:45 am           Depart to DC (SHARP)

10:00 am        American Moslem Museum (or Natural Museum)

1:00 pm         Islamic Center

3:00 pm         Washington Zoo

5:00 pm          Depart to Harrisonburg

7:00-8:00pm   Arrive to Harrisonburg

*Fees include 2 meals** each consists of sandwich, chips, drink, and   fruit

* *


* *

1)     Bring your own water bottle and cap/hat (for hot weather)

2)     Wear loose fitting, comfortable, and modest clothes – theme color

3)     Wear comfortable walking sneakers

4)     Parents/Participants to sign waivers

5)     Bring your own extra snacks (if needed)

*For more information contact Br. Abdelrahman (540) 432 9773 or
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Ehsan Ahmed
1060 Bobwhite Place
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Cell: 540-421-1793