I noticed a difference in the mat as well.  On the positive side, the mat is
much less "sticky."  If you take a rounded smooth LEGO piece (such as was on
the bottom of last years bone repair mission) and drag it across the new
mat, you'll find it will glide smoothly.  If you do the same test on last
year's mat, you'll find that it is much more difficult to slide.  A lot of
robots have two drive wheels and slider(s).  My hunch is that these types of
robots will benefit from the slider moving easier across the new style mats.
 At this point, I'm not sure how the wheel traction will compare between the
old and new style mats.

On the negative side of things, the mat doesn't appear to be as sturdy as
the previous year mats.  When you set up the "Contamination risk" mission
models with the Dual Lock; you'll notice that these models lean a bit which
distorts the mat substantially.  I'm curious if this distortion of the mat
will get worse over the course of the season?

Andy Traiger

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