I created a maze for my students and let them go at it.  One student choose to use a touch sensor, which was a good idea.  Now the maze had the robot traveling 1 right turn, two left turns, and then a right to finish the maze. ( On average this maze took 1.5 hours to program for each group.)  The student ended up using a timer on the loop, allotting the loops enough time to run until they finished their task and moving on to the next loop.   Not bad for a brand new programmer :)
  But surely, there has to be a away to make the loops count themselves. How would you tell the robot, after each touch, count it, then stop after you reach "x" touches? 
I am really trying to wrap my head around the wires.  I know there is a logic and a math block that would possible to use for this idea, but that I can't seem to figure out how to wire it up.
    Any help to this end would be greatly appreciated!
(Also to the coach and his son that was considering an advanced robotic programming class on-line , I'm still eagerly awaiting that news on that seminar set :)

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