My team  of 6 has met three times and we're trying to decide whether to 
compete this year or wait.  I'm sorry, I'm sure these questions have been 
posted before.  I have looked through the archives, but haven't found what 
I'm looking for.

1.  Is the National Registration a one time fee forever, that will be attached to 
the coaches name or the school, regardless of what students are on the team?

2.  I can't download most of the files on here as my computer doesn't have 
anything except works and pdf capabilities.  Is there a sheet from a previous 
year that breaks down the basics of the competition?  I read that the robot 
missions are 25% of the score, but don't know what encompasses the other 

3.  Would it be humiliating for a group of 9-11 yr olds to meet 2 hours a week 
and compete?  My parents don't want to add more at this point, and I don't 
have a point of reference as far as skill levels in either research or maneuvers. 

4.  Are there licensing legalities to putting logos on team t-shirts? And how do 
we find out if other teams have the same name?

  We don't have funding organized at this point, so I can't go get some of 
these great resource books you have been suggesting.  Thanks for any tips, 
and for posting them yet again.  

Jennifer Armstrong

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