Shenandoah Valley Islamic Schools:

Our Sunday school reopens this coming Sunday (9/11/11) at 11:15 AM. Some of
our students have graduated from high school and are attending various
colleges so we are looking for new students. If you have a child (male or
female) 6th grade or older, you may get them to sign up for Sunday school.
Our Sunday school is different than many other schools because it is run
like your contemporary high schools with topics relevant to your children's
daily lives.  We have three sessions:

1.     Islam, Science and Muslim Scientists (with historical perspective).
There is an excellent textbook which discusses these topics. 

2.     Sports break

3.     Tajweed ul Quran Session. Quran is taught with Tajweed. 

School ends at 1:15 PM with Dhur (Zuhr) prayers. There is no registration
fee but you may have to spend $10 on the textbook mentioned in 1. Please
come to the Islamic Center of Shenandoah Valley at 11:15 this coming Sunday
and find out for yourself. 


Ehsan Ahmed

1060 Bobwhite Place

Harrisonburg, VA 22802

(H) 540-434-6276

(C) 540-421-1793

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