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Dinner Reminder:

The following families have confirmed their attendance of the dinner. They have also confirmed what they are bringing for this potluck dinner.

1.     Ehsan Ahmed Family

2.     M. Aslam Afridi  Family

3.     Rifaqat Shah Family

4.     Ikram Khan Family

5.     Abid Khan Family

6.     Qais Kirmani Family

7.     Sohail Afridi Family

8.     Nadeem Afridi Family

9.     Waseem Afridi Family

10.  Tanveer Ahmed Family

11.  Shees Sheikh Family

12.  Amir Mahmood Family

13.  Mohsin Mahmood Family

14.  Ahsan Mahmood Family

15.  Khalid Ahmed (tentative: to be confirmed)

16.  Rashid Altaf (tentative: to be confirmed)

17.  Malik Family

18.  Hamid Munir Family

19.  Shakoor Family (out of town)


Others: please call one of the following people and confirm (contact numbers are given in the original message below:

Ehsan Ahmed

Hamid Munir

Shehryar Malik



Pakistani-American Cultural Society of Shenandoah Valley (PACS)

Newsletter September-October 2011



Pakistani-American Late Eid dinner

Date:               Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time:              5:00 PM


Location:        Woodmen of World

101 Dogwood Ave

Grottoes, VA 24441


Our program Includes:

Pot-luck Pakistani Dinner


Please bring two main dishes and a side dish/dessert in generous quantities. Amir Mahmood will supply soft drinks


Contact Information:


President:                                Muhammad A. Afridi [log in to unmask]


Secretary General:                  Ehsan Ahmed [log in to unmask].

(Mobile: 540-421-1793)


For Directions:                        Shehryar Malik [log in to unmask]

                                                Mobile (540) 688-9737


For Membership:                    Sheikh Rashid Altaf (Finance Secretary) [log in to unmask]


Program Coordintor                Hamid Munir  [log in to unmask]


Other Executive Committee Members:

Amir Mahmood:                     [log in to unmask]

Muhammad Shees Sheikh:     [log in to unmask]

Riaz Malik                              [log in to unmask]