Or, in the spirit of Food Factor, give each food item out with a label indicating the ways it's commonly contaminated or what it's commonly contaminated with ;->

Canteloupe-theme?  listeria!
Pork?  trichonosis!  Or melamine?  (http://www.northcountrygazette.org/articles/2007/042407ContaminationSpreads.html)
Chicken?  salmonella!
Wrapped candies/snack items?  bits of plastic & metal from the packing plant!

Arielle in NoVA

On Oct 5, 2011, at 12:50 PM, Phil Smith III wrote:

Yeah, taking out the competition due to anaphylactic shock is NOT Gracious Professionalism!
OTOH, these arenít tiny kids, and thereís usually food for sale that also isnít going to be vetted that carefully, so Iím not convinced this is a reason to not take stuff.
Perhaps in the spirit of Food Factor, clearly label things with ingredients.
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Another reason to avoid food in giveaways is that a fair percentage of participants have food allergies. Between nuts, peanuts, milk and wheat/gluten (4 of the most common allergies) you take out a lot of available food giveaways. Probably the only thing generally safe is pure sugars.

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