For those of you who have members or friends who are in the Boy Scouts of America, I’d like to point out that one of the requirements for the new robotics merit badge includes robotics competitions. The related requirement is provided below. In my opinion, 6. a. is more fun than 6. b.. All they have to do is get permission from their scout leader to start on the merit badge and they can attend one of the upcoming FLL, FTC, FRC or VEX tournaments to get partial credit for completing the merit badge.


Best Regards,

Bill Aucoin


6. Competitions. Do ONE of the following.

a. Attend a robotics competition and report to your counselor what you saw and learned about the competition and how teams are organized and managed.

b. Learn about three youth robotics competitions. Tell your counselor about these, including the type of competition, time commitment, age of the participants, and how many teams are involved.