Beats me.  I've dual-locked a bunch of tournament kits recently, and didn't identify any droop.  Of course, I didn't have the mats out for very long, eitherů.

Also, I visited a team's table this weekend and didn't see anything that looked like a droop.

If the structure sags without deforming the mat (seems unlikely), then your team's robot probably will be okay if it doesn't require millimeter-accuracy in alignment with the lever or the dispenser platform.

If the structure sags and pulls up the mat, then there's probably a small zone (on one side or the other), where the robot is more likely to be deflected off its planned course.

Have Virginia/DC teams seen any "dispenser droop"?

Steve Scherr
VA/DC FLL Referee Advisor

On Nov 1, 2011, at 5:19 PM, Lloyd O'Hara wrote:

I am a bit confused and I'm hoping somebody can help out.  I applied the bacteria dispenser fixes as noted and originally had some droop.  However, I no longer have droop, does this mean I did something wrong?
True enough, the small fixes applied to the bacteria dispensers weren't enough to stop them from leaning.  Better fixes would have either been too difficult to describe, or would have interfered with the robot's path under the bin.  Luckily the droop is pretty consistent, and the dispensers work exactly as intended.  This post is official acceptance of the droop.  You've all been working with the droop for about two months now, and we're not going to mess with it on you.  To teams:  Expect the same droop at tournaments as you're used to in practice.  To tournament officials:  Prepare the bacteria dispensers as per Update #12, and don't try to lessen the droop in any other way (no tape, Dual Lock, weights, further redesign, etc.) - it would hurt teams more than it would help.
Contrary to what update 29 says, It might be that some of us will be at a disadvantage.  I moved, per instructions, the dual loc as far up on the front legs as possible and also moved the other four up to be on the "X"'d out boxes in the middle.  I have no dual lock on the back "X"'d out blocks right now.
All of our robot and code design is based on this.  What do we need to change, redesign, recode, and practice to not be at a disadvantage come this Saturday at LC Bird?  Can anybody help?
Lloyf O'Hara
Coach, Crestwood Monarchs

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