While practicing our robot missions a couple of weeks ago, it was quite annoying that we had several viruses that would not stay together.  To solve the problem we glued the two pieces that make up the viruses together.  I know glue is not permitted on the robot, but if certain mission models fall apart very easily, are they glued together at tournaments?  It could be harder for the teams trying to load up at least nine viruses to send to the sink if several of the viruses are broken in half.  It’s not like the robot caused the viruses to break apart with excessive force or anything, some of those things just won’t stay together.


While I’m thinking about it, the wheels on the trailer are another thing that can fall off without too much force.  How would a trailer be scored if it was delivered back to the dock and the back wheels separated from the trailer at the last second and ended up in scoring position with the trailer right next to them?


And some of the food mission models break very easily too.  If a piece of food (that is not normally in multiple pieces) is delivered to the table and breaks in half when it drops on the table, does it score if all parts of it remain on the table?


Andy Traiger

Vienna Robotics

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