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IASV VOLUNTEER FORM - Public version

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This is the official volunteer list. All people willing to be volunteers  
and help out with the masjid, and possible events - whether from the  
community, or school system, need to have their name on this list so that  
we can keep track of the number of volunteers we have, update all  
volunteers of opportunities they could volunteer for, and keep track of  
everyone's volunteer hours as their will be incentives and rewards insha  
allah.  During events, we will have tags identifying volunteers so that  
they are visible to the community. It is vital that your name is on this  
list to ensure that as we plan for the future, we are able to run things  
smoothly by having the information we need to be organized ahead of time. I  
have the original form with everyone's email and contact information, as I  
do not wish for that to be public to everyone, and will only be given out  
on a need to know basis to preserve the confidentiality and respect the  
privacy of all our volunteers.

If you do not see your name on this list, please add your name and  
availability, then email me with your contact information (cell and email).  
I will keep this list updated insha allah, but need everyone's help in  
ensuring that we all take our responsibilities as volunteers seriously.

I will post more updates as time goes on God willing. Call me with any  

cell: 50 560 2192
email: [log in to unmask]


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