For any new coaches, if your national FLL team registration number is less
than 5 numbers long, add as many zeros to the front of it as you need to
make it 5 #s long when registering your team at the regional level. So if
your number is "234", it would be "00234". If your number was "1234", it
would be "01234". That is the only confusing part of the process, if you're
not familiar with it.
Thanks for the great info, Karen.

1.       *Enter FLL team information*

> (team name,* national FLL team number (this # needs to be 5 #s long to
> enter it into the Vadcfll site),* coach contact info, etc.).
> FLL team MUST be registered with FIRST for the 2012 Senior Solutions
> season before registering with the VA/DC FLL Region.  FIRST will issue
> the FLL team number.  To register with FIRST, go to:

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