I would like to explicitly point out to all of the teams that one of
the major changes (in my opinion) for the Senior Solutions FLL Season
is the number of sensors allowed on the robot. In previous years, we
were limited to the type and quantity of sensors. For Senior
Solutions, FLL has lifted the restriction on the quantity and now only
limits the type of sensors.

Reference: Rule 4 of

"SENSORS - You are allowed as many sensors as you like, but the types are
limited as follows:
o They may only be touch, light, color, rotation, or ultrasonic.
o They must be LEGO-manufactured MINDSTORMS type as shown here.
WARNING 1: The fact that a sensor was/is being sold by an official
LEGO shopping source does not mean that sensor was made by LEGO.
WARNING 2: The presence of the LEGO logo on a sensor does NOT mean it
was made by LEGO.
o Be SURE any sensor you buy or use looks exactly like one pictured here."


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