Thanks again to everyone who responded to my earlier post about multiple
teams. You've given us the confidence to go ahead and run two teams this
year. I do have a question regarding the rules that I'm hoping someone can

One of my other coaches and I have had children involved in Odyssey of the
Mind where they drill into you the very strict rule about no "Outside
Assistance". Basically, everything done in preparation for the competition
and at the competition must originate from the team members only and all
must be there. No collaboration with either students or parents outside of
the team is allowed concerning the project. For FLL, this seems to be not
quite so strict.

My question is: If I have two teams practicing in the same room and a pair
of kids, one from each team, work together on a challenge solution, can
both teams use that solution in the competition? What if one team just sees
another team's solution and tries to implement it themselves?

Thanks in advance,

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