Richmond-area FLL and Jr. FLL members (and other interested families):

Lord of the Bricks will be hosting a learning/volunteering opportunity
to help get you involved and prepared for the upcoming Senior
Solutions challenge on August 28th.

A Grace Place, an Adult Day Center off of Staples Mill Road, in
conjunction with Senior Connections, is offering a hand-on learning
opportunity on Monday, August 27th and Tuesday, August 28th from
9-12:30.  The kids will be set up in two groups, and will volunteer in
two learning areas from 9-12.  The two groups will swap areas on the
second day.  There will be a debriefing and question-and-answer period
from 12-12:30.

Participation requires pre-registration, as I need an accurate
head-count for planning purposes.  Please email me by this Friday,
August 24 if you/your kids/your team are/is planning to participate.

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