The "First LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide", available at Barnes and Noble, has section on team roles.
  I don't remember all their titles, but I based our team roles on the ones I wrote down from their book:
 Missions Caption- whose job it is to mediate over mission dispute, should any arise. Liberal idea sharing for how missions should be run is encouraged and openly discussed, but when a split vote is cast, the MC has the final deciding vote.  This person presides over the "mission run" portion of the meetings.  Starting this year, they will also time the practices where the kids try to run the missions in 2.5 minutes.
Webmaster- takes care of online posts to the group's blog. Also the meeting photographer.  (Can be more than one person)
Research director- this job requires a student to make sure all peers have contributed to research, runs the part of the meeting where research and skit development occurs. Once the skit gets going, I will run the skit rehearsals, but it's very organic and I stay out of it as long as the skit is progressing. They also oversee the backboard display being made, or can delegate this responsibility to a willing member.
Idea generator- this person makes sure each t.member has been given a chance to contribute an idea.  This person runs his/her job congruent to the Mission Caption and the research director. (This is usually the most cheerful kid in the bunch.)
Robot design leader- Again, while decisions are democratically decided, they have the final say over the robot design in disputes. They run the meeting portion where robot design is discussed and will often aid in the making of attachments.  In our group, they are responsible for making sure all robots are made exactly the same and updates and revisions are done to each robot.  If you only have one robot, this isn't as big of a job, as most of our kids make whatever attachments go to their particular missions.
      Not everyone has an assigned task in our group.(Not everyone wants one!)  Even though we do have these team captions, it's amazing to see the level of co-operation they achieve so I my concern of a team caption running rough shod over the other members has never come up.  Team captions, to me, are in place so that all final decisions are within the team,  and I am never in a position of making the final call.  We have 6 kids on our team- an even number, so it has come up more a few times where a tie needed to be broken.
  I really like the idea that one of the team members would be in charge of keeping up on new rules, and presenting them to the group.  I can't wait to hear what roles kids carry in other teams.

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In the message stream regarding how to deal with a difficult team member, Sonya Shaver had this wonderful bit of advice to share...

"One idea might be to give different team members certain roles or jobs that you rotate at different practices.  We have done that before.  Sort of like putting each person in charge of one thing per session or per week, or even for the whole season.  It gives them a sense of leadership, a feeling that their job is important and their presence is needed.  And I mean real roles, not busy work, different things that need to be done.  So, everyone still works on and helps out with all facets of the challenge, but there is one person who makes sure that it all gets done, and holds his fellow teammates accountable."

Sonya lists the following as examples -

Put one person in charge of:
* internet research
* interviews
* checking the game updates every day and reporting them back to the team

I am interested in instituting something like this with my team (they are all 9, so I'm hoping to come up with roles for them that they can manage independently).  I'd appreciate hearing any suggestions that you all have!


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