Hi everyone,
Thank you again for all the responses to my previous question about the mat.
My kids meet for the first time tomorrow and I'm still a little unclear about where the boundary lies between guiding the kids and letting them do the work. For instance:
-can adults suggest resources to look up for the project, suggest people to interview, possibly make a preliminary phone call to introduce the team to potential interviewees, etc.?
-can adults do things that aren't directly related to the STEM content, such as design a logo if the kids have no clue or come up with something that's impossible to silk screen? Help them with coming up with a cheer?
Also, I'm curious as to how experienced teams have balanced the needs of kids with different levels of experience. I have kids with tons of Mindstorms experience and some with none. It was suggested on the first coach call that the kids spend time going through the tutorials to bring everyone up to speed, but I'm worried that'll turn off the more experienced kids.
Once the kids select a preliminary robot design, would it make sense to assign some of the more experienced kids the programming for one of the harder missions and have the beginners try their hand at an easy one while they learn programming and hope to connect the two modules later?
Would it be a good idea to let the more experienced kids actually build the robot and have the rookies initially observe and document so they get a feel for how the pieces go together?
Is this too much direction?
Thank you and sorry for the long message,

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