Agreed. The fact that he doesn't want to do it isn't YOUR problem. What if
you didn't continue next year?


I'd consider it reasonable for ANY new member to pay the same as the
founding members to "buy in", other than perhaps the cost of the table. You
need a new challenge kit every year, for example. Any overage would go to
defray tournament fees, pay for T-shirts, swaps, beer^wteam snacks, etc.


And yes, $$$ up front. Lesson learned!


Phil Smith III


Coach, The Capital Girls (retired)

Team 1900 (2002)

Team 2497 (2003)

Team 2355 (2004)

Team 1945 (2005)


From: First Lego League in Virginia and DC
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Subject: Re: [VADCFLL-L] {VADCFLL-L] team member leaving


I'm a retired coach and have had members leave for a variety of reasons

1) get the money upfront next time
2) just like a sports team (softball, swimming) - you pay, you leave (or are
kicked off the team), team keeps the $
3) we have used contracts before where the students and parents sign the
statement of expectations.  Once we put this in place we had no one question
the money or even the level of commitment that is required to be a full
member.  Your mileage may vary.  

Good luck. this can be very stressful for all involved.

Eric P

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 10:00 AM, Parakh Saini Batra <[log in to unmask]>

Hello All,
I am rookie coach of a rookie team of 4th graders. There are currently 6 on
my team. I have a situation where I have a very disruptive team member who
is slowing down the progress of the team and is not really interested in
contributing.  I have been trying to work with him all season to help him
find his groove - but there is only so much leeway I can give until it
becomes unfair to the other members. I had a discussion with his mother
early this week about the issue hoping she could talk to him, but she
basically felt that I needed to just work around his bad attitude. So we
left it as:
1. she does not want her son to join the team next year
2. she has conveyed to me after our conversation that her son is not happy
being on the team or the progress we are making -  if we want to keep him on
he will stick it out this season - but attend every other meeting. (I know
what the answer should be - but I will leave it up to the rest of the team
if they think he should stay the season or bow out)

1. SO she wants to know - can the replacement member next year 'buy' out her
'share' - referring to the initial cost incurred by the table and the robot
kit (since these can be used next year).  If we were to do this, how would
we figure out the correct amount?  Has anyone encountered such a thing?

3. I suspect that if the team decides that he shouldn't finish out the
season - she will try to get out of paying for this year.  How have you
handled this in the past?

Next year the prudent thing to do would be to get the money at the start of
the season (lesson learned) If you are still with me thank you!  I
appreciate the feedback!

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