Ivan, a few unconnected (though obviously interrelated) thoughts:


1.      Ask the team?


2.      Do you know anything about the kid-is (s)he likely to be an asset or
a disruption? Not that I would suggest that such a question should be asked
under normal circumstances, but at this late date, it seems more relevant.


3.      Is it reasonable (in terms of parents' attitude, kid's attitude,
etc.) that the child might be able to join, but have a lesser role at the
tournament than some others (a "helper" but not a full team member, for


4.      You already have eight-nine is, like, more. I (like at least some
others) think six or seven is the optimal size. Do you feel like you can fit
another child into the mix, one who doesn't know what's gone on so far,


5.      If (as seems likely) you don't know the answers to most of the
above, is it reasonable (again, given attitudes, etc.) to have the kid come
to a meeting, meet the team, and see what the chemistry is like? The risk
there is that you wind up saying "No, sorry" without a good, sharable
reason, of course ("the other kids just didn't like him" would be
uncomfortable at best).


You have a challenge here for sure. Wish I had a better answer.


Phil Smith III


Coach, The Capital Girls (retired)

Team 1900 (2002)

Team 2497 (2003)

Team 2355 (2004)

Team 1945 (2005)

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Good afternoon,

I have a bit of a quandary and I'm hoping that someone will be able to
provide me with an answer. Our is composed of eight children and have been
meeting since the end of July and we just had a parent that has asked if
their child can join the team. How should I answer this question? Is it too
late in the game? Have the other children done most of the work (and they
have), is there a rule as to when we should cutoff membership, should I put
it up for a vote with the team? I do not want to take this opportunity away
from this child by telling him no, he can't join as I feel that would
discourage him from joining next year but I also want to be fair to the rest
of the team. Please provide me with the wisdom that comes from being a
veteran as I am rookie coach. 

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