VA/DC FLL Teams,
Regional tournament assignments have been posted on the VA/DC FLL website (  Please go there to see where you were assigned to compete.  Your tournament director should be getting in contact with you within the next week or two.  We have a few teams that have the same names so please make sure to check the team numbers.  If you're interested in volunteering at a tournament, you can submit info at and be matched with a tournament. 
While we were able to get 82.5% of the 500+ competing teams into their first choices, we were not able to accommodate all teams in their first choice. Some tournaments filled up VERY fast (Richmond/Maggie Walker filled in about 30 minutes!). All but 4% were put into one of their top three choices.
Along those lines, before I get bombarded with questions about switching tournaments, there are only 5 tournaments that have any openings. All others are at capacity (and most already expanded to accommodate as many teams as possible). If you want to switch from your current assignment into one of the following 5 tournaments, let me know ASAP (before 11/25 at the latest) and we will try to accommodate, depending on space.
Tournaments with space (and the number of spaces available):
11/3/12: Newport News (4), Harrisonburg (10), Alexandria 1/West Potomac (6)
11/10/12: Martinsville (11)
11/17/12: Norfolk (5)
Please remember that all of the tournament directors are volunteers as well and we need to given them time to prepare so we cannot be changing things right before their tournaments. 
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all at the tournaments!  It should be an exciting season!
Karen Berger
VA/DC FLL Regional Tournament Coordinator
Newport News Regional FLL Tournament Director
Norfolk Regional FLL Tournament Director

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